Madhyamik Routine 2017 - Exam Schedule of Madhyamik Pariksha WB Class 10th Exam

Madhyamik Routine 2017; Exam Schedule of Madhyamik Examination 2017 has been released and subject to confirmation after publication of official exam schedule by WBBSE; West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. It is also heard that this examination schedule may be altered or scheduled later due to vacation. We will be updating here regularly.

Routine of Madhyamik Examination 2017 by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

Nivedita Bhawan, DJ-8, SECTOR-II, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700091

No. EMU/C/35 Date : 29/09/2016


It is notified for all concerned that the Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination), 2017 (both Regular & External) will be held as per the following programme.

The examination will be held in only one paper on each day from 11.45 A.M to 3.P.M (First 15 minutes for reading the Question Papers only). The dates & corresponding subjects are as under.


Routine of Madhyamik Examination 2017

Day Date Subject
Wednesday 22 February, 2017 First Languages*
Thursday 23 February, 2017 Second Languages**
Saturday 25 February, 2017 History
Monday 27 February, 2017 Mathematics
Tuesday 28 February, 2017 Geography
Wednesday 01 March, 2017 Physical Science
Thursday 02 March, 2017 Life Science
Friday 03 March, 2017 Elective Subject

The dates for Physical Education & Social Service & work Education are as under
* Physical Education & Social Service >> 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th March, 2017
* Work Education >> 10th, 11th, 14th, 16th & 23rd March, 2017

* First Languages : Bengali, English, Gujrati, Hindi, Modern Tibetan, Nepali, Odia, Gurmukhi (Punjabi), telegu, Tamil, Urdy and Santali.
** Second Languages : 1) English, if any language other than English is offered as First Language.
2) Bengali or Nepali, if English is the First Language.

  1. Examination in shorthand & Typewriting will be held at Kolkata and Siliguri only. The venue and date will be announced later.
  2. Examination in Sewing and Needle Work will be of four hours duration.
  3. Examination in Music Vocal & Music Instrumental will be of two hours duration for Theoretical Portion. The venue, date and hour of the Practical Examination in these subjects (which will be held at Kolkata, Burdwan & North Bengal Regions only) will be announced later.
  4. Examination on Computer Application will be of two and half hours duration on theoritical Examination. Practical Examination on this subject will be taken by individual schools.
  5. Examination on RStr, SStr, AStr & IT/ITES will be of one and half hours duration on theoretical Examination. Oral, Portfolio, Project and Direct observation on these 4 (four) subjects will be taken by the individual schools.


Deputy Secretary (Examination)

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Routine of Madhyamik Examination 2016

Day Date Subject
Monday 1 February, 2016 First Languages*
Tuesday 2 February, 2016 Second Languages**
Wednesday 3 February, 2016 Geography
Friday 5 February, 2016 History
Saturday 6 February, 2016 Physical Science
Monday 8 February, 2016 Mathematics
Tuesday 9 February, 2016 Life Science
Wednesday 10 February, 2016 Optional Elective

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