WBSSC SRD Result & Answerkey of Special Recruitment Drive only for SC and ST candidates

On 8th February 2015, Sunday West Bengal Staff Selection Commission held an OMR based written examination across generally termed as SRD which means Special Recruitment Drive. As per recruitment advertisement we know that there were many vacancies such as Amin, Krishi Projukti Sahayak, Lower Division Clerk/Assistant, Veterinary etc. To know about result publication information you should read this post.

This Special Recruitment Drive was arranged by WBSSC to give a special opportunity only to the socially backward classes. SRD is conducted to recruit staffs only from the Scheduled Castes & Tribes. After completion of examination as per feedback of the examinees it can be said that question paper is as good as expected and was very perfect from all aspect. All are waiting for the result.

But,the result of WBSSC SRD SC ST 2014 has bot been officially published yet and it is expected that it will be published in at the end of the month June. No official announcement has been done in this regard. If we get any update from WBSSC's end regarding the result publication we will update it here too, so you are requested to stay in touch.

Although, the result will be published later, but WBSSC has published the Answer Key through its Official Website www.wbssc.gov.in probably in the first week of march. You can download the Answer Key by clicking here or check these answers from this post too. All the answers for respective questions has been provided in a tabular sheet (see below).

Answer Key of WBSSC SRD 2014

Sl NO Question Answer
1 Correct the sentence by choosing one of the alternatives to replace the word in capital. Many a man WERE drowned in the sea. (A) was
2 Either Abdul or Amin have stolen the watch. Correct the error from the following alternatives: (d) has
3 Simple interest on a certain sum at the rate of 4.5% per annum for 4 years and 6 years differs by Rs.216.The sum is- (a) 2400
4 Choose the Synonym of the given word from the alternatives given:

(d) unsophisticated
5 Replace the underlined portion of the sentence with a phrase / idiom choosing from the alternatives given below: The police were misled and they returned after a hopeless search. ----------------- (a) a wild goose chase
6 Which country won the FIFA World Cup 2014 held in Brazil? (d) Germany
7 Bio - gas is an example of (a) Renewable resource
8 Usually reflex action is controlled by (b) spinal cord
9 Choose the correct option : "My father is ------- L.L.B." (b) An
10 Find the correct sentence (d) Both of his sisters are married.
11 Choose the correctly spelt word : (b) Forgeit
12 The number of seats for West Bengal in the Lok Sabha is (b) 42
13 The opposite of 'comfortable 'is (a) Uncomfortable.
14 Salem steel plant is located in the state of (b) Tamilnadu
15 The word order is wrong in the given sentence. Choose the correct word order from the alternatives given: Why you argue without knowing the right fact? (a) Why do you argue without knowing the right fact?
16 'Udaysankar' was a famous Indian (b) Dancer
17 Find the correctly spelt word from (d) Conglomeration
18 The 'Kanchenjunga' peak is situated in (b) Sikkim
19 'Walk slowly lest you ----fall. (b) should
20 Replace the underlined portion of the sentence with a phrase / idiom choosing from the alternatives given below: The participants arrived at the last moment. ------------------ (c) at the eleventh hour
21 The number of number-pairs whose H.C.F. is 16 and L.C.M. is 320 is (c) 2
22 Kolkata was the Capital of British Indian empire till (a) 1911
23 In terms of area the biggest state in India is (a) Rajasthan
24 The author of 'Discovery of India' is (b) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
25 7386038 is divisible by - (d) 11
26 Choose from the given alternatives A, B, C and D the word that may be correctly used in the blank space in the following sentence: The ___________ of Everest by Tenzing Nargay is remembered by everyone. (b) ascent
27 The theory of Darwin is (b) Natural Selection Theory
28 I left college ----- the age of twenty four. (c) at
29 The Chief Minister of Maharashtra is - (b) Devendra Fadnavis
30 The cost of 10 articles is equal to the selling price of 9 articles. The profit or loss percent is (d) 11⅟₉
31 India's highest civilian award is (c) Bharat Ratna
32 Number of seats B.J.P. won in the last general election to the Lok Sabha is - (d) 282
33 Point out the correct spelling. (c) Opportunity
34 The substance used in pencil is (b) Graphite
35 If the ratio of ages of four people is 1:2:3:4 and the average of their age is 40 years, the age of the youngest person is (a) 16 years
36 If 1/4 of a container is full of water, then vacuum portion is (a) 3/4
37 What percent of 90 is 120 (c) 133⅓%
38 'Workers of the World unite.....' declared by (a) Marx
39 Man, thou art -------- wonderful animal ! (b) a
40 A can do a work in 30 days. If B is 20% more efficient than A in the same work then B will do the same work in (c) 25 days
41 Main constituent of LPG is (c) Butane
42 Bread and butter ---my favorite food.chose the correct word to fill in the blanks: (a) is
43 Ratio of two numbers is 4:5 and their L.C.M. is 60. Find the sum of the two numbers (a) 27
44 ' ----- you have the best of luck !' (a) May
45 This romantic life in Kashmir was drawing to its end after three glorious months. This sentence is an example of- (d) past continuous
46 When spring of a wrist watch is winded then its (b) potential energy increases
47 The Constitution of India was adopted and enacted by the (b) The People of India
48 The mountain which is situated in the northern border of India is (b) Himalaya
49 The songs that the boatman sing are known as (a) Vatiali
50 The highest possible longitude is (b) 180 degree
51 Replace the word in capital, choosing the right phrasal verb from the alternatives given below : Raja Rammohan Roy tried to ABOLISH 'Sati' , an inhuman custom of nineteenth century Bengal. (b) do away with
52 Gandhiji started his first Satyagraha in India at (d) Champaran
53 B is twice as fast as A. If A can complete a job in 36 days. To complete the same job A and B together will take (c) 12 days
54 Kailash Satyarthi won the Novel Prize for peace for his work on - (a) Indo-Pak frindship
55 The speed of a 75m long train which passes a 150m long platform in 10 seconds is (d) 81 km/h
56 Insert the missing number 9,12,11,14,13,(__________), 15 (a) 16
57 'Leaves is to leaf as wolves is to ------'. (a) wolf
58 'Bhangra' is a popular folk dance of the state of (b) Punjab
59 State the function of the sentence choosing from the alternatives given: He is holding a high position because he always worked hard. (c) stating a cause
60 Choose from the given alternatives A, B, C, and D the word that may fill up the blank space in the following sentence: Considering her qualification and social standing she is the most ______________ bride they are looking for. (d) eligible
61 Basu is blind ----the left eye. (a) in
62 Kanpur is situated on the right bank of river (b) Ganga
63 Choose the synonym of the word 'abolish' from the following alternatives: (b) cancel
64 Mean proportional of 2 and 0.02 will be (a) 0.2
65 Momentum and weight (b) both are vector quantities
66 Choose the most appropriate preposition to fill in the blanks: Sir Humphry Davy was apprenticed ----- an apothecary at the age of fifteen. (b) to
67 3.3333 expressed as a sum of four numbers as (a) 3.03+0.30+0.003+0.0003
68 68. Who was recently appointed as India's Economic Advisor? (a) Aravind Subramaniam
69 Which Indian player was recently suspended by International Boxing Federation? (b) Saritha Devi
70 The average of first 5 prime number is- (c) 5.6
71 (256)⁰∙¹⁶ x (256)⁰∙⁰⁹ = ? (a) 4
72 Find out the wrong number in the sequence 56,72,90,110,132,150 (d) 150
73 The length of the railing to fence a square garden whose area is 900 sq.m. is (in meters) (b) 120
74 Fort William college was established by (a) Lord Wellesley
75 8 children take 12 days to complete a work which can be completed by 6 adult in 8 days. 12 adults started working and after 2 days 8 adult left and 16 children joined them. How many days will it take to complete the remaining work? (a) 2
76 'Transform' means: (b) Change
77 Mention the number of permanent members of the Security Council of the UNO (b) Five
78 The raw material most used by the plant is (b) CO2
79 x% of a number is deducted from itself, the number becomes y. Then the original number is (a) 100y / (100-x)
80 If we write 1 to 100 then total no. of zero appear is (c) 11
81 Give the opposite of the given word by adding a suitable prefix. Choose the correct prefix from the alternatives given below: ___manage (b) mis
82 The actor who first played the role of the detective 'Feluda' in movie series by Satyajit Roy is (b) Soumitra Chattopadhyay
83 If in a container the amount of milk and water are same. Then portion full of milk is (a) 1/2
84 The greatest number which will divide 856 and 917 leaving remainders of 8 and 5 respectively is (d) 16
85 Stool is a type of (c) Waste product
86 If a sum of Rs275 is to be divided between Ram and Shyam so that gets more than 3/4th of what Shyam gets,then the share of Ram will be (b) Rs.175
87 If compound interest on 5000 in two years is 832, then find the rate of interest (b) 8%
88 Choose the correct alternative to fill up the blank space in the sentence below:- We felt that such a remark was in _____________ taste. (c) bad
89 The rate at which a sum becomes 5 times itself in 20 years at simple rate of interest is (d) 20%
90 Why did General Dyer ordered open fire on peaceful crowd in jallianwala Bagh? (c) To create a feeling of terror and awe in the minds of Indians
91 Marked price of a book is Rs 150. After 10% discount selling price will be (a) Rs. 135
92 The Chief Minister of the first coalition government of West Bengal was (b) Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee
93 Satish Dhawan Space Centre is located in (a) Andhra Pradesh
94 The length of a rectangle is thrice its breadth and its perimeter is 96m.The area of the rectangle is (in square m) (d) 432
95 Hyacinth in a pond, doubles everyday. In 61 days it can cover the whole pond. What part of the pond will be covered in 55 days (c) ⅟₆₄ part
96 The Defense Minister of India is - (b) Manohar Parikkar
97 The sportsperson nicknamed 'Flying Sikh' is (c) Milkha Singh
98 Cost price of a book is Rs.50 and selling price is Rs.40, then loss percentage is (c) 20%
99 The film 'Sadgati' was directed by (c) Satyajit Ray
100 Someone suddenly knocked the door. The correct form of the sentence will be (a) Someone suddenly knocked at the door

It will be better if you check answers without question numbers. All effort has been made to present this answer key error less. Although you are requested to verify with original Answer Key which may be downloaded by clicking here.

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