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West Bengal Staff Selection's Process for General Transfer

The West Bengal School Service Commission

General Transfer

New General Transfer Information Updated on 29/09/2014

 Please ignore some Dates while reading, this is online text version of the Notice Published by WBSSC. Memo No of This Notice is : 165/5277/CSSC/ESTT/2014 Dated : 20/01/2014 

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Step 1)
Interested candidates seeking General Transfer should first take NOC from his/her competent school authority/ HM as per Pro forma 1 . This process to be completed within January 25/01/2014 to 10/02/2014.

Step 2)
On receipt of NOC as stated above, concerned candidate has to purchase draft from SBI and put correct spelling of his/her Name /Father’s Name, Contact No.(Mobile/ LandLine No.) and Draft No. and Bank Branches Name from which the Draft has been purchased by the candidate. For making entry of draft detail as stated above, please click draft detail entry. After successful completion of the process , candidates will be given Login ID. Please take a print out of the Login ID. This process has to be completed during 11th Feb, 2014 to 10th March, 2014.

Step 3)
Please Login our domain at www.westbengalssc.com for submission of Application (Part-I). All the fields have to be carefully filed up, for which please click application form generation. After successful submission of data at the required field, an application for General Transfer (Part-A) will automatically be generated. Candidate has to take print out of the Part- A and to send at West Bengal School Service Commission through Proper Channel – HM ---> DI ---> Regional SSC Office ---> WBCSSC Office.

Step 4)
Pre-defined/ Structured Form of Part – B (Preference of Vacancy of the Candidates) is available here. Please click Part – B of General Transfer application. Get a printout of the same and put your choice of Preference of Vacancy only by means of the Unique Code generated for this purpose. This is introduced for the competitive interest of the candidates

Step 5)
Please put your Part – A and Part – B of your application in a single envelop and make it sealed. After that please put the sealed envelop as stated above and draft purchased as application fee in a little bit bigger envelop.

Please seal the bigger envelope containing draft and Application form (Part-A and Part-B) of General Transfer and send it to the Central Commission through Registered Mail / Registered Courier Mail / Registered Speed Post / By hand at Central Commission’s Office and get a receipt as proof of submission of your application. Kindly note that this will be treated as an advance copy of your application.

Step 6)
List of Vacancy category wise, Gender wise , Subject wise , District wise shall be available at Commission website and candidate will be able to login/ or to see the list at net only after submission of application at internet without signature and through valid Login ID, which will be available for the candidates as mentioned in Step – II , during 1st March,2014 to 31st March 2014.

This is a top most priority service of Govt. W.B. and West Bengal Central School Service Commission as well, for the Teachers working at Non-Govt. aided Schools under Govt. of W.B., and allow us few processing time for creating a conducive ambiance in school education arena of W.B.

Memo No of This Notice is : 165/5277/CSSC/ESTT/2014
Notice published on : 20/01/2014 

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